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Meet Lyndsey

Lyndsey is running for Parker Town Council to ensure we maintain our Parker hometown feel and quality of life while planning for sustainable growth. She will work to ensure that Parker is a community for all people, where we can work and thrive together.

Lyndsey is a mother, a wife, a non-profit fundraising professional and a community volunteer dedicated to maintaining the high quality of life that Parker residents know and love. 

As a fundraising and development professional she will bring a unique perspective to Parker Town Council.  In her professional life Lyndsey has worked in accounting for her family business and managed large budgets in non-profits and public and private universities.  She knows the importance of transparency in all community projects and the value of listening to constituents.  



Sustainable Growth and Balance

I believe in a thriving and growing Parker community.  Parker residents are attracted to the economic opportunity and quality of life, paired with the hometown feel of Parker, Colorado.  As the Denver metro area continues to grow, we know that more and more people will be drawn to call Parker home.  We must balance this growth to maintain the Parker community that we know and love.


Parker, Colorado is often voted one of the best places to raise a family in large part due to the access to both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.  Parker dedicates approximately 26% of its land to open space and parks, with a multitude of trails connecting open space and parks to economic centers and residential areas.  We must plan for continued growth that prioritizes this quality of life.  We need to continue to work with developers to ensure that parks and trails are incorporated into all new developments.  Our award winning Parks and Recreation department must continue to be a priority in funding.


As Parker continues to grow there will be strain on our services such as water, sanitation, and the fire and police departments.  We currently have zoning approved for development that could accommodate a population of 80,000 by 2035.  Parker Town Council must continue to work closely with our Parker Police Department and the jurisdictions for water, sanitation and the Fire Department to prepare for the expected growth and maintain the high levels of service for our community.  When approving projects for community development we must consider how these businesses will impact our resources including parking in economic centers. 


Economic Opportunity - Growing up in a small family business, I know the value that small business brings to a community.  As Parker grows we need a continued balance of large employers and the small businesses that make the Parker community what it is.  A diversity of economic opportunity must also apply to our residents.  With continued residential development we must balance the need for housing for all residents regardless of age or economic status.  People of all ages love living and working in Parker and we must plan for housing for residents in the early years of adulthood all the way through life to those interested in retiring in Parker.

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